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How much does a cup of coffee a day cost you?

Would you believe $465.84?

If you buy a $1.00 cup of coffee every day, that adds up to $365.00 a year. Now just imagine If you saved that dollar everyday, then you would have $365.00 at the end of the first year.  Now put that money into a savings account or investment that earns 5 percent a year, it would grow to $465.84 by the end of five years, and by the end of 30 years, to $1,577.50.  Think you can do better than 5 percent?  How about 8%!  Well, in thirty years you then would have $3672.87.  And, if you could just save $365.00 every year compounded at 8 percent, then you would have $41,348.37! 


Bear with me for just one more example:  Let's say that you are retired and can still afford to save a little.  So, how about putting $2,000 per year into a ROTH account for twenty years, compounding at 8 percent?  The result:  $91,523.93.  Wow! 


That's the power of compounding! With compounded interest on the money you save and on the interest that money earns, over time, even a small amount saved can add up to big money. If you are willing to watch what you spend and look for little ways to save on a regular basis, you can make money grow. You just did it with one cup of coffee.

But, of course, if you are a Starbucks' fan, then you will have a lot more to compound!



Rates of return are for illustrative purposes only, and do not represent the returns of any particular investment.  Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.