Company Profile

 United Beneficial
General Overview

United Beneficial exists to provide clients with the tools necessary to complete both retirement and estate planning objectives.


Objective of Profile

The company aims to assist clients in meeting wealth management, retirement distribution needs, tax reduction, and investment advice.


Product/Service Overview

United Beneficial utilizes life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, and investment advisory services.


Supplier Profile

All securities and investment advisory services are offered through CFD Investments, Inc.. Main office for the broker/dealer is 2704 S. Goyer Rd. Kokomo, IN.  Telephone 765-453-9600.  CFE Investments, Inc., is a member of the FINRA and SIPC.


Competitive Advantages

The clearest advantage to the services offered by United Beneficial is the independence maintained in all supplier relationships.  In addition, the company has strategic alliances with legal and accounting services.  


Owner Information

Weldon C. McKinney, who serves as both President and CEO, owns United Beneficial.  Mr. McKinney has been involved in the financial service industry since 1986.  He as served as a Vice President in one of the largest insurance agencies in America.