Mission Statement

Professional Covenant


I accept you as my client, and you accept me as your financial advisor.  We have chosen to work in a cooperative way towards bettering your financial situation.


Everything between us will be held in strict confidence, according to the law and in keeping with the bonds of professional trust and ethics.


For my part, I will lead you through a continuous process of assessing your situation, risk tolerance, and opportunities, then make specific recommendations regarding suitable stragegies and actions you may choose to adopt.  I will document everything pertinent; review your case at least annually; and remain vigilant and inform you of changes that may require your attention and timely decisions.  As your advocate, I will be pleasantly persistent until you reach a decision.


You agree to participate in this continuous process openly and not to withhold any information that might influence my recommendations or your decisions.


As a courtesy, we will each remain reasonably accessible to each other for timeliness in reaching, making, and carrying out your decisions.