Our Firm

United Beneficial is a small and independent company. You are our sole focus.  We are not tied to the demands of the large brokerage houses.  We work for you and you alone as a client.  Our aim is for long and sustained client relationships centered on continuing service.  That continued service is the greatest value that we bring to the table for you. 


We work with a mid-sized broker/dealer, CFD Investments, Inc.  And just like United Beneficial, CFD is firmly committed to independence and works with a very successful group of independent brokers and advisors across the United States.



We are committed to excellence, quality, and service.  When needed, we couple our efforts with competent attorneys and certified public accounts. 



By bringing both fee-based and commission-based solutions to our clients,  we position ourselves to offer the best possible value and consideration of your needs.



Our focus is on bringing the best possible wealth management and income distribution techniques into the fields of Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, and Financial Planning.



Finally, we have a strategic alliance with EverBank, which allows us to provide quality banking needs to our clients, including personal and business checking accounts and money market accounts.  Also, we have certificates of deposit, credit cards, and mortgage loans.  EverBank, which is FDIC insured, is a branchless bank and offers some of the highest interest rates in the nation.  Their on-line banking and free bill-paying services have been award winning and nationally recognized.