Our Qualifications

Weldon C. McKinney

serves as a licensed resgistered representative for CFD Investments, Inc. a member of F.I.N.R.A  and the S.I.P.C.


Mr. McKinney has been in the financial services industry since 1986, when he established United Beneficial.  He began his financial services career as a small business consultant.  During that time, he held tax and business budgeting workshops.   As a natural course, he gravitated toward financial, retirement, and estate planning for his clients.


In 1991, Mr. McKinney began a career with Interstate Business Marketing Group, one of the largest life insurance agencies in the United States. Within a short period of time, he was elevated to a position of state manager.  Later, he was named as a vice-president with responsibilities of overseeing marketing and sales of financial services in several states.  He also served as corporate trainer for IBMG and trained over 100 financial service representatives in the company.  He spoke at national and international conferences and won many awards with the company.


In 1995, Mr. McKinney returned to United Beneficial in order to devote more time to his clients.  He has is currently involved in studies to complete his Master of Science in Financial Services. 


Mr. McKinney’s passions are his family, church, and personal development.  He has been married to his wife DeeAnn since 1972.  They have two children and a granddaughter.  He frequently states, “I no longer have any clients, I lost them all to friendship!”  He graduated from Lubbock Christian University and completed some graduate level studies in communication and group discussion from Texas Tech University.  He also served as a church of Christ pulpit minister for 14 years.  During that time, he taught many education, evangelism, and marriage workshops in several states.