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United Beneficial

Mission Statement

United Beneficial exists to bring both wealth management and retirement distribution solutions to clients, utilizing the finest companies and products on the market today.  This mission is coupled with the expertise to design the most productive individual and corporate plans.

Product/Service Overview

United Beneficial accomplishes its mission by bringing together term, universal, and whole life insurance; fixed, indexed, and variable life contracts; fixed, indexed, and variable annuities; access to mutual funds through both conventional commission-based avenues and fee-based asset management with static, tactical, and timing asset allocation models.   We also utilize separate account management by the most renowned managers in the industry.

Customer Solicitation

United Beneficial is pleased to present these concepts through individual appointments, group workshops, seminars and round-table discussions.

Company News

At this time, United Beneficial is offering free individual consultation using fact finders to establish goals, tax saving ideas, income replacement, wealth transfer, estate tax reduction, investment objectives, and end-life planning.  We also offer over 16 workshops and seminar approaches, targeting a number of different needs.

Customer Benefits

The value to individuals is the opportunity to bring together both wealth management and retirement distribution venues under one roof.  United Beneficial offers the additional services of both an independent attorney and Certified Public Account.  With the various available workshops and seminars comes the additional value of group education and involvement.

Summary - Call to Action

In today’s complex and ever changing investment, legal, and tax dynamic, it is vital to secure advice from seasoned professionals who understand that every investor’s needs are unique.  United Beneficial attempts to bring valued added service to your table in a non-intrusive manner without high-pressure sales approaches.  Gaining a full and complete understanding of your needs, desires, and ambitions is our main interest.  “United" together to bring you more “Beneficial” service and peace of mind.